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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NFC South Predictions: Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay

The question is not "Who will win the NFC South?".  The real question is "What teams will make the playoffs from the NFC South?".  The South is a very weak division this season, and only two teams will be competing for the playoffs throughout the season.  Their will be no fall from the top for the Saints, but who is going to be next in line in the South?

Atlanta Falcons - The Atlanta Falcons have healed during the offseason and will be back to their 2008 ways.  Matt Ryan will lead a strong passing attack with Roddy White.  Michael Turner will run through many teams this year.  The Falcons do not have a tough schedule and that will help them fight through to double digit wins.  The Falcons finish 10-6.  Is it enough?

Carolina Panthers - Where will the Panthers stand this year?  Carolina seems to be going through a rebuilding process that is starting this season.  This team does not have the offensive firepower to win.  When you can't pass, you see what can happen to the run.  That is what will happen this season.  Teams are going to cut off the Panthers run and D'Angelo Williams, because they will not be worried about the pass.  This will be a long season for the Panthers.  Carolina finishes 5-11.

New Orleans Saints - New Orleans has the benefit of being in a division that they are superior to all other teams.  The Saints can pass, run, and play defense.  That is something that makes teams deadly.  They do not have a difficult schedule and should run through the competition easily.  Their is not much to say about this team, except that they are good.  Saints finish 13-3.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers - If you think Carolina is going to have a long season, well then the Bucs will have an even longer one.  The Bucs could be one of the weakest teams in the NFL this season.  They can't score and their defense cannot keep the games close enough for a win. Tampa Bay finishes 3-13.

NFC South Standings

New Orleans:  13-3
Atlanta:  10-6
Carolina:  5-11
Tampa Bay:  3-13

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