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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NFC North Predictions: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

The NFC North is one of the most intriguing divisions in all of football.  So many questions to be answered.  Will the Lions improve?  Will Jay Cutler continue to throw interceptions?  Is Aaron Rodgers the best in the divisions?  Will Brett Favre return?  The answers to these questions will determine how this division turns out.

Brett Favre will return, so we are going to base our predictions on that.

Chicago Bears - The shortcomings of the Chicago Bears all lies in the hands of Jay Cutler.  He needs to perform at top level, for this team to succeed.  In order for Matt Forte to run, the Bears will need to pass.  Jay Cutler is not a good quarterback and that is not going to change this season.  The Bears defense does not limit opponents to enough points for Jay to keep them in games.  The Bears finish 4-12.

Detroit Lions - The Detroit Lions are in for another long season.  They do not have the personnel to compete in this division, or the conference.  I do not believe they are the bottom of the barrel in the NFL, but they are close to it.  Their offense is weak, and their defense is not much better.  They have trouble scoring points, and trouble holding their opponents.  Not much else to say, but the Lions finish 3-13.

Green Bay Packers - Green Bay is not only one of the strongest teams in their division, but also one of the strongest in the NFC.  They will be fighting throughout the year for the division title.  Aaron Rodgers is coming off a great season, and should come close to those numbers again this season.  The Packers have a strong defense, that can be burnt at times.  Some games they will win by blowout, and others they will have win in shoot outs.  Look for a great season from this team.  Packers finish 12-4.

Minnesota Vikings - Brett Favre will return this season, and that will be great for the Minnesota Vikings.  Adrian Peterson will be better than last year, Brett Favre will be better than last year, and the receivers will be better than last year.  They will score points, the defense will shut teams down.  This is one of the most powerful teams in the NFL and it will show throughout the season.  The Packers finish with a great record, but The Vikings finish 14-2.

This is probably going to be one the best divisions in the NFL.  They have two great high caliber teams and it is going to be tough.  I know it seems very unlikely that you will have a 12-4 and 14-2 records in a division, but these teams are GOOD.

NFC North Standings

Minnesota:  14-2
Green Bay:  12-4
Chicago:  4-12
Detroit:  3-13

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