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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AFC West Preview and Predictions: Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, and San Diego

The AFC West will as usual not be to big of a test for the San Diego Chargers.  The Chargers not only have the stongest team in the AFC West, but they also are one of the strongest teams in the AFC conference.  The question is, will any team besides San Diego in the AFC West make a push for a playoff birth?

Denver Broncos - With the loss of Brandon Marshall and the uncertainty of the starting quarterback, Denver will face a tough season.  Looking at the schedule of the Broncos, it will be very difficult for this team to win a wildcard birth.  Luckily, the Broncos get to play Oakland and Kansas City twice a year, this will help their record.  Denver finishes the regular season at 6-10.  The only sign of hope for Denver is if they signing of Brian Westbrook.

Kansas City - Their is not much to say about the Kansas City Chiefs.  They are coming of a 4-10 season and I do not see them improving on that record.  Matt Cassel was not the quarterback that he shown in New England.  Offseason moves have not bolstered their roster and I do not see an easy schedule for the Chiefs.  The Chiefs would need to rely on their defense in hopes to win games this year.  As far as making the playoffs, not this year.  The Chiefs finish 3-13.

Oakland Raiders - The Oakland Raiders have made some key moves this year by signing Jason Campbell and Richard Seymore.  These moves should help the Oakland Raiders improve on last seasons terrible season.  Jason Campbell is a lot more reliable than JaMarcus Russell and Richard Seymoure will help to better the 29th rushing defense.  Will these moves help the Oakland Raiders to earn a playoff birth?  I do not think the improvements will help that to happen, but they will improve on their record.  The Raiders finish the season 7-9.

San Diego Chargers - The San Diego Chargers are the best in the AFC West.  They will cruise through their division with a 6-0 record.  Philip Rivers is an elite regular season quarterback and he knows how to win.  They have a very easy schedule this season, and I only see three tough opponents for the Chargers.  Like last year they will finish with one of the best records in the NFL.  The Chargers finish 13-3.

Like last year, the AFC West will be represented only by the San Diego Chargers.

AFC West Standings

San Diego - 13-3
Oakland - 7-9
Denver - 6-10
Kansas City - 3-13

Tomorrow will be the AFC South


  1. Does anyone have any other thoughts on the AFC West?

  2. You are either a Chargers or at just overly optimistic about the Chargers. After losing Tomlinson and Cromartie and Shawn Merriman still playing 100% after his injury, 13-3 is CRAZY! The Raiders almost beat them last year in their first game. If the refs hadn't robbed Murphy of that touchdown it would have been a different story.

    The Raiders are much more improved than you think. Their offense last year would have been much more productive with the stats that Jason put up with Washington (+3600 yards, 20 TD's and 64% Completion)

    The Raiders will go at least 8-8 this year and split games with San Diego and Denver and Probably Sweep the Chiefs now that they have better play calling from Hue Jackson.

    Don't count on the Chargers winning the AFC West yet!

  3. I didn't proofread that before I posted it. That first paragraph should read..."You are either a Chargers Fan or just overly optimistic about their chances. After losing Tomlinson and Cromartie and Shawn Merriman still playing less than 100% after his injury, 13-3 is CRAZY!

  4. wow the author is a tard, the chargers are without starting tackle Marcus McNeal, Vincent Jackson, are starting a rookie 5th round pick at NT, and Antonio Gates is recovering from an injury. I somewhat agree with Goldie the raiders could be good but Jason is not a good quarterback. Most of his stats came in the 3rd and 4th quarter when his team were down big. THE BRONCOS STARTING QB IS KYLE ORTON MCDANIELS HAS SAID SO ON 5 SEPARATE OCCASIONS THIS OFF SEASON!!! WE PLAY THE RAMS, CARDINALS, AND SEAHAWKS THIS YEAR!!! THAT IS EASIER THAN THE RAVENS, STEELERS, AND BENGALS!!! THE CHIEFS SHOULD WIN AROUND 5 GAMES THIS YEAR THERE RUNNING GAME AND DEFENSE SHOULD BE IMPROVED!!!!!!!! CHARGERS WILL BE 10 AND 6 AT MOST THIS YEAR.