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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NFC North Predictions: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Minnesota

The NFC North is one of the most intriguing divisions in all of football.  So many questions to be answered.  Will the Lions improve?  Will Jay Cutler continue to throw interceptions?  Is Aaron Rodgers the best in the divisions?  Will Brett Favre return?  The answers to these questions will determine how this division turns out.

Brett Favre will return, so we are going to base our predictions on that.

Chicago Bears - The shortcomings of the Chicago Bears all lies in the hands of Jay Cutler.  He needs to perform at top level, for this team to succeed.  In order for Matt Forte to run, the Bears will need to pass.  Jay Cutler is not a good quarterback and that is not going to change this season.  The Bears defense does not limit opponents to enough points for Jay to keep them in games.  The Bears finish 4-12.

Detroit Lions - The Detroit Lions are in for another long season.  They do not have the personnel to compete in this division, or the conference.  I do not believe they are the bottom of the barrel in the NFL, but they are close to it.  Their offense is weak, and their defense is not much better.  They have trouble scoring points, and trouble holding their opponents.  Not much else to say, but the Lions finish 3-13.

Green Bay Packers - Green Bay is not only one of the strongest teams in their division, but also one of the strongest in the NFC.  They will be fighting throughout the year for the division title.  Aaron Rodgers is coming off a great season, and should come close to those numbers again this season.  The Packers have a strong defense, that can be burnt at times.  Some games they will win by blowout, and others they will have win in shoot outs.  Look for a great season from this team.  Packers finish 12-4.

Minnesota Vikings - Brett Favre will return this season, and that will be great for the Minnesota Vikings.  Adrian Peterson will be better than last year, Brett Favre will be better than last year, and the receivers will be better than last year.  They will score points, the defense will shut teams down.  This is one of the most powerful teams in the NFL and it will show throughout the season.  The Packers finish with a great record, but The Vikings finish 14-2.

This is probably going to be one the best divisions in the NFL.  They have two great high caliber teams and it is going to be tough.  I know it seems very unlikely that you will have a 12-4 and 14-2 records in a division, but these teams are GOOD.

NFC North Standings

Minnesota:  14-2
Green Bay:  12-4
Chicago:  4-12
Detroit:  3-13

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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NFC South Predictions: Atlanta, Carolina, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay

The question is not "Who will win the NFC South?".  The real question is "What teams will make the playoffs from the NFC South?".  The South is a very weak division this season, and only two teams will be competing for the playoffs throughout the season.  Their will be no fall from the top for the Saints, but who is going to be next in line in the South?

Atlanta Falcons - The Atlanta Falcons have healed during the offseason and will be back to their 2008 ways.  Matt Ryan will lead a strong passing attack with Roddy White.  Michael Turner will run through many teams this year.  The Falcons do not have a tough schedule and that will help them fight through to double digit wins.  The Falcons finish 10-6.  Is it enough?

Carolina Panthers - Where will the Panthers stand this year?  Carolina seems to be going through a rebuilding process that is starting this season.  This team does not have the offensive firepower to win.  When you can't pass, you see what can happen to the run.  That is what will happen this season.  Teams are going to cut off the Panthers run and D'Angelo Williams, because they will not be worried about the pass.  This will be a long season for the Panthers.  Carolina finishes 5-11.

New Orleans Saints - New Orleans has the benefit of being in a division that they are superior to all other teams.  The Saints can pass, run, and play defense.  That is something that makes teams deadly.  They do not have a difficult schedule and should run through the competition easily.  Their is not much to say about this team, except that they are good.  Saints finish 13-3.

Tampa Bay Bucaneers - If you think Carolina is going to have a long season, well then the Bucs will have an even longer one.  The Bucs could be one of the weakest teams in the NFL this season.  They can't score and their defense cannot keep the games close enough for a win. Tampa Bay finishes 3-13.

NFC South Standings

New Orleans:  13-3
Atlanta:  10-6
Carolina:  5-11
Tampa Bay:  3-13

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NFC West Predictions: Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle, and St. Louis

I hope everyone enjoyed the the weekend.  I know that I did.  Now it is time to get back to the predictions.  We move on to the NFC West.  The West has been run by the Cardinals for the past two seasons, but that could change this season.  Arizona has changed enough this year, where the division will be wide open for Seattle or San Francisco to take.

Arizona Cardinals -  Arizona has lost Kurt Warner to retirement and Anquan Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens.  Without the explosive offense of the past two years, the Cardinals will fall back in the standings in the NFC West.  The defense is not strong enough to carry the team, and the offense will be taking a hit with Matt Leinart under the center.  The Cardinals will have a tough road ahead of them in their fight to make the playoffs.  Arizona finishes 6-10.

San Francisco 49ers - The 49ers will go as far as Alex Smith is able to take them.  San Francisco has a strong defense, which should keep them in most games.    For this team to win Smith needs to step up and complete passes.  This will help the running game with Frank Gore.  I think Alex Smith will have a strong year with the 49ers and will be a strong contender for the division.  San Francisco finishes 11-5.

Seattle Seahawks - The Seattle Seahawks are going to be another team fighting for the division.  They have brought in some great personnel with Leon Washington, and Pete Carrol.  They have Matt Hasselback back and healthy, but do they have what it takes to win the division?  Pete Carrol should help this team succeed, but is it enough?  Seattle does not have the defense that the 49ers have, and their offense is not much better.  The Seahawks finish 9-7. 

St. Louis Rams - The Rams are going through a rough rebuilding process that does not seem to be happening quickly.  Sam Bradford will be leading the Rams this season at some point and his first year will not be his best year.  The Rams do not have a shot this season in the West.  The Rams finish 3-13.

NFC West Standings

San Francisco - 11-5
Seattle - 9-7
Arizona - 6-10
St. Louis - 3-13

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Friday, July 2, 2010

AFC East Predictions: Buffalo, Miami, New England, and New York

The AFC East is going to be a great division to watch this year.  The New York Jets have gone out and put everything into this season.  With the additions added to the Jets, they will be an exciting team to watch.  New England will be vying for the top spot once again, led by Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Bill Belicheck.  The Miami Dolphins went out and added Brandon Marshall to give them that ouside threat and make their division odds even higher.  The Buffalo Bills went and drafted C.J. Spiller, but seem to lack the aresenal to compete in this very strong division.

Buffalo Bills - The Buffalo Bills will have an uphill battle this season.  The three teams they compete against are beginning to put themselves in a class of their own, while the Bills are beginning their rebuilding process.  They picked up C.J. Spiller in the draft would should strengthing their offense, but not enough.  The defense is in the process of switching to the 3-4.  With them going through rebuilding and their conference being superior, the Buffalo Bills will finish 4-12.

Miami Dolphins - The Miami Dolphins have attempted to compete up with the rest of their division rivals by adding Brandon Marshall to the offense.  Chad Henne will be leading the way, and Ronnie Brown will be back in the mix.  Where does this leave the Dolphins?  This puts them in good position to push for the playoffs after they took a year off last season.  They have a mediocre schedule, with their toughest games being in the division.  With the additions to the Dolphins, they are able to squeeze out a few more wins than last year.  The Miami Dolphins finish 9-7.

New England Patriots - Each and every year it seems the Patriots are involved in the race for the AFC East, and that does not appear to change this year.  The Patriots will have a healthy Wes Welker back, Tom Brady under the center, and Randy Moss going deep, this will pose a problem for every team they play.  The Patriots have seen the teams in their division inch closer to the talent that the Patriots have.  The Patriots have a mediocre schedule in which they should perform well.  The Patriots finish 11-5.

New York Jets - The New York Jets have really made a splash this offseason.  If they wanted a player, they found a way to get them.  They aquired Santonio Holmes, Ladainian Tomlinson, Jason Taylor, and Antonio Cromartie.  These additions to an already talented team could put them over the top in the AFC East.  This talent and personalities will be great to watch each Sunday, no matter if they win or lose.  The Jets have closed the gap on not only the AFC East, but the whole conference as a whole.  This season the Jets finish 12-4.

AFC East Standings 2010

New York - 12-4
New England - 11-5
Miami - 9-7
Buffalo - 4-12

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

AFC North Preview and Predictions: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh

The AFC North is going to come down to a few happenings in the NFL.  Ben Roethlisberger will be missing the first 4 games of the season.  Will the Ravens use Ray Rice more than last year?  Who are the real Bengals?  Can the Browns compete in this hard knocks, defensive mindset division?

Baltimore Ravens - Will the Ravens use Ray Rice more than last year.  If they do, then they will be very successful.  He can run, he can catch, and he can gain tons of yards after first contact.  If they use him to his strengths, then he will help Joe Flacco and the passing attack.  I think Baltimore is a strong team, with a strong defense, and a better offense than last year, if used correctly.  The Ravens play in a strong division, but with the Steelers missing Big Ben, it will be to their advantage.  The Ravens finish 11-5

Cincinnati Bengals - Last year the Bengals started out strong and slumped near the end of the season.  The question is, "who are the real Bengals?".  I think the Bengals we saw near the end of the 2009 season is the Bengals we will see in 2010.  They play a real tough schedule, against some teams who have bettered themselves.  In order to make the playoffs this seasons, then they will need to pull of some upsets.  The Bengals finish 6-10.

Cleveland Browns - Cleveland has put a rest to the controversy at quaterback, that they have had for years.  With the addition of Jake Delhomme, they have bettered their chances within the division.  I still do not think it is enough.  They have made progress, but they will need to make a few more moves after the 2010 season to be able to compete.  Cleveland has a tough schedule within the division and a few games outside the division.  They will compete more than last year, but not by much.  The Browns finish 6-10.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Alright Steelers fans, I know you will burn me for writing this, but you are already in a hole.  With Ben Roethlisber missing the first 4 games of the season, the Steelers will have to claw their way up the standings.  The first 4 games are crucial and I feel the Steelers will be facing opponents that will benefit from the absence of Big Ben.  In my opinion, I feel the Steelers lose all 4 games to open the season, but at best I say they could go 1-3.  With Ben's return, the Steelers will need to pull of a 9-3 record at the least to overcome the bad start, and I do not see that happening.  The Steelers are a good team, but the suspension of Roethlisberger will be proving tragic.  The Steelers finish 7-9.

AFC North Standings 2010

Baltimore - 11-5
Pittsburgh - 7-9
Cincinnati - 6-10
Cleveland - 6-10

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