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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AFC South Preview and Predictions: Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and Tennessee

The AFC South is going to be one of the toughest divisions to predict.  Tennessee played down at the beginning of last year and caught fire near the end.  Houston continues to improve on a yearly basis, Jacksonville continues to give teams trouble, and Indianapolis is still one of the powerhouses of the NFL.

Houston Texans - Each and every the year the Houston Texans have been getting better and better.  Last year they were picked by many to make the playoffs and this year is no different.  The answer will lie within the division.  The trouble for Houston is "what will Tennessee be like this year?".  Houston finished 9-7 last year and will come close to the same record this year.  They have a tougher schedule and I believe Tennessee will be a lot better this year and knock off Houston twice.  Houston will finish 7-9.

Indianapolis Colts - Indianapolis will be the divisional powerhouse and also a powerhouse in the AFC.  They have some tough games in the division and I see them getting knocked off by atleast one of their opponents (most likely Tennessee).  They have a pretty easy schedule which will help them in their quest for homefield advantage.  Peyton Manning will have one of his best seasons this year.  The Colts will finish 13-3.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Jacksonville is a middle of the road team and their record this season will reflect it.  They are facing an average schedule and will pull out some wins this year.  Jacksonville has some high quality receivers, but do not have the quarterback to help those receivers.  They have a great running attack, but when that is keyed on, it can be slowed down.  The Jaguars will finish 7-9.

Tennessee Titans -  Tennessee will have a better year than they did last year.  They will have a great start and that will guide them through the season.  They do have tough matchups throughout the year, but they should pull out some victories over the tough teams.  Vince Young will be a good quarterback, but not overwhelming.  Chris Johnson will run like he did last year, maybe not quite as many yards.  The Titans defense will be stronger and they will not give up as many points.  Tennessee will finish the season at 11-5.

AFC South Standings 2010

Colts:  13-3
Titans: 11-5
Texans:  7-9
Jaguars:  7-9

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  1. What do you think of the predictions? Criticism is allowed and wanted.

  2. I think Houston wins 10 games and Tennessee wins 9. Jacksonville will be lucky to win 5.

  3. Yeah - I bet the Texans end up 10-6, the hype is gone now. The improvemnts made are in the right spots. They will be a good team, not spectacular, but enough to beat most teams.

  4. Texans are a middle of the road 8 and 8 team mired in mediocrity they will find a way to stay in their comfort zone.
    Jacksonville are actually on the comeback but 8-8 at this stage.
    Colts are 12-4 if Manning is upright.
    Titans could slide to 6-10, don't think CJK2 can repeat uninjured and Young has too many demons.

  5. Texans and Colts tie for the division at 11-5 with Houston winning the tiebreaker. Titans go 8-8 and Jags go 6-10.

    Houston lost 6 games last year by 8 points or less. Players learn and get better from those tough losses and so does the coaching staff.

    The Texans will be 2010's version of last year's Saints.

  6. First off the jaguars will be lucky to get 5 wins... whoever said that you are an IDIOT. they got 7 last year with 5+ rookies STARTING... HELLO? so youre saying that they are getting worse this year. Learn some facts,

    Texans are like the Arizonia cardinals. Every year people picks them to win and they dont. Then when people finally jump off the bandwagon they do. so not this year texans fans, but maybe next year

  7. JAGS. jags will be lucky to win 5 guy is an idiot. All the jags have done is improve. Everybody said the 09 draft wasnt very good and it ended up being the most productive draft in the NFL. Jags have too bookend tackles in Monroe and Britten so the line will be improved. The whole D line will be improved with Tyson Alualu, D anthony Smith, Aaron Kampman, Austen Lane, and Larry hart who is going to be a big sleeper. No reason this team wont win at least 8 games. With Jones drew and sims walker and an improved O line i think the jags will make a playoff push. and the kirk morrison addition on defense will help tremendously. the national media is sleeping on the jags. HATERS WILL SEE IN THE FALL